Sound masking - Revolutionary novelty

Sound masking is an intelligent sound solution that overlaps disturbing sound elements, adds privacy to work and conversations in open spaces. It is an ideal solution for places with a lot of people, such as open spaces, waiting rooms, corridors and other. This smart technology softens the gloom in an open office, minimizes intrusive audio and communication elements in open spaces, but also masks the voices coming out of the meeting room during the session, giving conversation privacy, increases concentration on work and even improves protection of personal or sensitive data.

What does SOUND MASKING bring to us?

  • increase privacy
  • personal information protection
  • noise dissipation
  • pleasant working environment
  • better concentration and productivity
  • employee satisfaction

Why is soundmasking effective?

  • spectrum – the signal emitted by the speakers is in the audio spectrum of the spoken word
  • volume – is set to overlap human speech but not disturb it
  • zone – independent setting in the areas in which we want to achieve the desired effect
  • uniformity – the sound is evenly distributed throughout the zone

Acoustic privacy is the problem of today’s offices and places with more people in it – open spaces, where everyone hears everything. Statistics show that up to 60% of workers are dissatisfied with their communication privacy. That’s why BIAMP delivers an innovative Sound Masking system with several variations that mask the noise depending on where and how it is needed. Two options are available – QT PRO and DYNASOUNDPRO system solutions, which can be selected according to the space requirements and the required functionality.

QtPRO® can directly and evenly from the ceiling distribute inconspicuous sound specifically designed to mask human speech. The result is a consistent and comfortable sound throughout the room. Reducing the clarity of others’ speech also helps to increase concentration, productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

This efficient and simple system consists of a Qt® transmitter and a control module. Everything needed to connect the system are just standard cables. This solution can be customized to suit the sound you want to mask in a small office or in a large open space or other spaces.

QtPRO® system

Installation – direct field – the sound is transmitted directly downwards to the space / workplace

If you need to mask your speech in multiple rooms with a fully adjustable speaker network, you can also go for the higher range of the system – Dynasound PRO®. With this new device, you can control each speaker individually and fine-tune the system exactly as you need it. The advantage of this system is its invisibility, as the speakers can be placed in a lowered ceiling or double floor This solution provides a clean and invisible installation that effectively overlaps crosstalks between rooms.


  • each speaker is separately controllable
  • excellent control
  • network management and control
  • invisible installation


Installation – indirect – the sound is transmitted upwards (to the ceiling), where it is reflected and continues down to the space / workplace

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