Ventum-S - Workshop of stage technology in Prague

After a successful workshop of stage technology at the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, MediaTech brought  innovative know-how also to the Czech scene. In cooperation with leading german company Ventum-S we introduced the latest stage technologies at the Estates Theater in Prague. Ventum-S has been a leading supplier of unique aluminum theater  systems for more than 20 years on the german market.

The folding aluminium system replaces the classic wooden fundus of the theater. The system is modular and easy to handle. The modularity of the system satisfies even the most specific requirements of theater performances. The handy folding of the construction ensures a saving of transport and storage space.

VentumS Mecanum

A new addition to the Ventum-S repertoire is the inovative Mecanum scenery wagon. Mecanum scenery wagon is a programmable and remotely controlled device with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg and with all-wheel motion.

VentumS turntable
VentumS event Praha

Portable stage turntable made of lightweight aluminium construction is used to turn the stage. The Ventum-S stage turntable has a programmable right-to-left rotation speed setting and a programmable turntable stop.

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