Vicoustic - has introduced new types of acoustic panels

Company Vicoustic, our partner for acoustics, is still being dynamic company even after 12 years on market and constantly delivering innovative acoustic solutions.

Nowadays, acoustic is not only about a good sound, but also about the esthetic. There are still more and more innovative acoustic materials with unique design on the market.

The Portuguese company Vicoustic introduced new types of flat panels from the collection Brick and Concrete. New panel types have moved this collection to an even higher level.

Vicoustic flatpanel concrete
vicoustic flatpanel brickwall

The Bricks on the brick styled vicoustic panels are in the same size as real life bricks. In the case of Concrete panels, Vicoustic tried to minimize the tile effect as much as possible.

Vicoustic also improved the panel cutting method. Vicoustic currently uses the new technology of blades from CNC. Abbreviation CNC means computerized numerical control. CNC machines are most commonly used for grinding, milling, cultivation, drilling and cutting of various materials.

vicoustic flat panel brick visualization
vicoustic concrete visualization

MediaTech Central Europe, a.s., with a wide range of Vicoustic panels , acoustically improve any space for you. Acoustic will be tailored and realized for spaces of your huddle room, meeting room, any conference room, but also for appartments, business places and for recording studio.

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