Videoconference - 5 reasons why video conferencing is an important tool for business meetings

Video conferencing is nowadays an important and widely used tool for distance communication. Why do we communicate via video conferencing? Is it so that we can show the other party visual stimuli that we can only see in a personal meeting? Maybe because we can communicate with a client, colleague or partner we would otherwise have to travel to? Whatever the reason, we are seeing a huge shift and increase in the use of video conferencing. At the same time, it is important to realize that the success of video conferencing and online meetings depends on image and sound quality, i. correctly selected and supplied video conferencing hardware.

In this article, we will share with you the 5 key benefits of video conferencing that have an impact on business relationships and overall labor productivity.

1 Reduces costs and saves time

Use your business time effectively. Video conferencing saves you time and is a modern solution for business meetings, communication with work teams, consultations and remote meetings without leaving your office or company. Organizing face-to-face meetings may require the purchase of airline tickets, accommodation, and various other additional costs. Video conferencing allows teams to connect easily and frequently as needed. Thanks to today’s technologies, you can feel as natural as a normal face-to-face communication in a video conference.

2 Allows you to see non-verbal stimuli

People remember visual information much better than just audio information. Studies have shown that only 7% of communication is verbal, while the tone of your voice is 38% and non-verbal stimuli up to 55%. With video conferencing, you can not only hear the other party, but also see it.

3 Brings you closer to the other side

Video conferencing handles important meetings and communication without direct contact but with full confidence. In addition to courtesy hands, you will keep all the essentials of business etiquette. Video conferencing can fully replace writing long e-mails or making phone calls. Communication enriches the emotional side and the important visual perception of both parties.

4 An investment that will pay you back

Properly selected and delivered videoconferencing hardware will replace business trip planning, accommodation booking or detailed map study. Meetings and communication  with business partners via video conferencing saves an amazing amount of time and money that you can invest in growing your business.

5 Increases productivity

Enriching a video conference call can lead to increased productivity. This human way of conversation can prevent participants from being distracted, which could only happen with a regular audio call, phone call, or e-mail. Video conferencing forces participants to maintain eye contact with the other party, focus more on the conversation, and respond immediately to the other party’s suggestions. With video conferencing, you can also share a screen or present various content instantly in real time.

yvc-200 videokonferencia

The success of a video conference depends directly on the picture and sound quality. MediaTech is a specialist in audio and audiovisual technologies. We will design and deliver a quality hardware solution for your video conferencing according to requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us at or write a short form below.

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