Audiovisual technologies
are the gateway to a successful future

Audiovisual technologies are the gateway to a successful future

„Demand for professional audiovisual technologies is skyrocketing. They are becoming a common part of the everyday life of companies and institutions so choosing the right partner and supplier is a key to success,” says Bohumil Tonkovic, CEO of MediaTech.

A man who has loved technology since childhood and considers this work to be his mission – this is Bohumil Tonkovič, the founder and CEO of MediaTech Central Europe, a.s. At the same time, he is the heart of the whole company, which is considered a leader not only in Slovakia, but also in the world for more than 25 years.

We come to contact with audiovisual technologies at virtually every step. They make our lives easier, bring emotions to meetings and allow us to be closer to our partners/clients. More and more, they are proving to be connecting people and offering us a world without limits. Whether it is in the field of business communication, conferences, lectures, distance education, in public spaces, restaurants, in modern healthcare, or in advanced households. They have literally endless possibilities of use.

What does MediaTech bring to clients?

We supply comprehensive system solutions for AV technologies related to audio and video. Our mission is to help clients work more efficiently and progressively. We design, supply and combine the technologies of world class manufacturers into a functional unit. These are controlled with one touch, which is invaluable nowadays due to time savings and 100% functionality.

Why are you considered a leader in the industry?

We breathe soul into every project and it is unique to us. Our job is not just about supplying hardware. We bring complexity. From condition analysis, consultation with the client, solution proposals, delivery, technology installation to training and service. We always supply our customer with exactly what he really needs and will serve him. Our staff gets certification and trainings abroad either at AV exhibitions or various manufacturer’s e-courses, test and we also participate at the world’s largest AV exhibitions. We are the only Slovak member of the world association AVIXA, which brings together leaders in the field of AV technology around the world. We are also the only slovak member of PSNI alliance which brings together the best AV system integrators from the whole world.

“Audiovisual technologies are the getaway to a successul future”

Bohumil Tonkovic, CEO

Why do clients turn to you?

AV technologies are becoming part of normal and every day life. Demand and requirements are increasing. Many try to solve them on their own, but encounter a number of “problems” and complications in daily use. At the same time, the know-how, the compatibility of the devices used, the simple operation and the capture of trends in solutions are decisive. That is why clients turn to us. Not everything can be solved using the Internet. As part of complex solutions, experience and knowledge of technological details is required. This ultimately saves time, energy, money and brings the expected result.

How did you survive the pandemic?

We have intensively created and prepared news for our market. At the same time, we trained ourselves for new products and established prestigious cooperation. Thanks to this, today we already cooperate with more than 40 manufacturers of audiovisual technologies and we are direct partners of the world’s largest audiovisual producers.

What is the trend in the development of AV technologies in Slovakia?

There will be a growing demand for technologies for hybrid rooms and the interconnection of online and offline space in the areas of business meetings, seminars, training and distance learning. We also perceive a growing demand for professional AV technologies in meeting rooms, regardless of their size. They become the communication heart of the company for connecting with the world.

What is the growth potential of AV technologies in our country?

Huge. Abroad, almost every company already has quality AV technologies and is aware of their benefits and importance. One business trip can cost you as much as a quality video conference for several years. Every company should keep in mind that today their main presentation is the other side’s view of them through their video conferencing. Functionality, high-quality video and clear sound are an integral part. This is what we supply to our clients.

We also have great potential for the installation of magnetic loops for the hearing impaired in public and in public institutions. We are pioneers in Slovakia in this as well.

And what can we still do? Artificial acoustics of space in theaters. We have the best technologies and we believe that we will be able to realize this technological peak.

Which projects do you consider truly exceptional?

There are projects that are done once in a lifetime. One of them is the Opera of the National Theater, where we installed a complete sound reinforcement system. Why is it special? Because the Opera must have a so-called “invisible sound system” and the spectator must not feel that the space is modified in any way. It’s really the best use of our know-how, a professional top and we used really special technologies for that.

Another unforgettable project is the Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology in Liptovský Mikuláš, where we brought interactive technologies on 4 floors in various language versions. It was an exceptional connection of various professions so that this exceptional work could be created.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, we created a multimedia room, where we installed the first magnetic loop for people with hearing loss in such a large scale.

What else do we not know about MediaTech?

We are already recognized in the world as not only a partner, but also as a manufacturer of our own AudioPressBox devices. Its birth was stimulated by our technical know-how and market requirements. It is our own brand that we design, manufacture and export to the whole world. We have our own dedicated team of experts and we exhibit all over the world. Currently, the AudioPressBox products are already a world-renowned units in the professional audio market. We have active partners in more than 50 countries around the world and a number of installations in prestigious places.
Since we care about the common growth and that the endless possibilities and benefits of AV technologies can be used by everyone who is interested, we also offer the possibility of leasing professional AV technologies.


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