We have participated at Slovak Matchmaking Fair

For twelve years Slovak business agency is organizing the most prestigious international B2B event for Slovak and foreign entrepreneurs at Slovakia – Slovak Matchmaking Fair.

This year, the event took place on November 13th and our team from MediaTech was also a part of it. The Slovak Collaboration Exchange is a meeting of entrepreneurs focusing on bilateral talks,
presentation of partnership offers, free production capacities, or requirements for joint ventures.

Dozens of Slovak and foreign companies met, ready to negotiate new business deals was in one day and in one place.

At this prestigious event, we are a supplier of solutions in the field of audio-visual technologies,
videoconferencing systems and digital media proudly presented our videoconferencing solutions from Yamaha and Crestron.

Participants could stop at our presentation stand and try out all the benefits that videoconferencing brings.

We are glad that our company could use this unique opportunity to negotiate with relevant business partners, collect new contacts, and present to people the benefits that videoconferencing systems bring.

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