Our installations nominated for OFFICE OF THE YEAR

MediaTech has been designing and delivering reliable solutions in the field of audiovisual technologies, video conferencing systems and digital media for 25 years. We supply customized solutions and installations for Slovak and global customers too. We often address specific requirements, look for new know-how and apply the professional experience of our team – all of this for project success. This is proven by MediaTech solutions, which are included in the prestigious Slovak poll OFFICE OF THE YEAR 2018, thanks to our customers Roche Slovakia and Mercedes Benz – Financial Services Slovakia, who are among the finalists.

Meeting room with videoconferencing Roche Slovakia, source: Spaceplan.sk

With the time of digitization and the use of online connection, there is a growing interest in videoconferencing solutions, projection systems, interactive meeting rooms, multifunctional open office or open spaces, or so-called smartrooms. Multifunctional, modern and spacious room at Roche Slovensko is combination of highly sophisticated know-how and creative approach of architects and designers. Simply a kitchenette, dining room, meeting room, videoconferencing room, smartroom and chillzone, all in one.

Interactive multifunctional room Roche Slovakia – front view, source: Spaceplan.sk

MediaTech solutions for Roche have been designed to fit in with modern design, be compatible with the colors and holes in the furniture, and create a natural yet innovative impression. Today technology also has a design standard. That’s why video conferencing connections, computer connection points, and preview monitor output are built into the interior of the kitchen so you don’t even know about them until you find the refrigerator.

Interactive multifunctional room Roche Slovakia – rear view, source: Spaceplan.sk

Large-screen displays are connected to the audiovisual system, from which you can choose to play corporate content or easily switch to presentation mode. The room is equipped with an electric screen, a set of Yamaha ceiling speakers, a projector, microphones and audio antennas. Overall interactivity of the room is guaranteed by the connection points located in several places on the walls and in the floor under the tables, as well as the wireless connection points.

During the renovation of the meeting room and several offices, not less interesting concept was chosen by Mercedes Benz – Finacial Services Slovakia architects. The individual approach of our project team and the connection of MediaTech solutions to existing audiovisual systems in the company were needed to meet specific requirements.

The previous industrial design of the room was reconstructed. As room was divided by glass walls, it was necessary to split the audio into multiple channels with separate control of the audio source and volume. The ceiling mounted video projector was not hidden to fit with the whole installation, construction of the room and ventilation. In addition to ventilation, there is an electrically controlled projection screen on the ceiling.

Open office with separate offices – Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Slovakia, source: Office of the Year

Designers, on the other hand, have designed pure technical lines into a videoconferencing room. Huge TV screens, which are customized for projection and are combined with video conferencing, attract a lot of attention. The combination of devices in the room allows you to present content while having a video chat via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout. All interactive elements are controlled via the Crestron touch panel on the desk.

Meeting room – Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Slovakia, source: Office of the Year

OFFICE OF THE YEAR is a survey aimed at monitoring trends in companies that strive to create an inspiring, creative and healthy working environment for their employees. We are pleased that our installations and solutions complement the office space with interactivity and facilitate communication and presentation.

Would you like a meeting room, smart room or other audiovisual solution for your company or office? Get inspired by our successful projects and take advantage of our consultation. We create the solution, deliver and install the equipment and also train your staff. Our company – MediaTech will take care of your projects from the beginning to the very end, tailored to your needs.

Sources: Spaceplan.sk, Officeroka.sk, Roche Slovakia, Mercedes-benz.sk

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