Audiovisual technologies in office space

Complex design of audiovisual technologies for new company premises

Metrohm is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-precision instruments for chemical analysis, which was founded in Switzerland. Currently, it is represented in more than 80 countries around the world

The company moved to new office premises in Bratislava, which represent a combination of modern design and technology.

Our company MediaTech was approached for the complex design and installation of audiovisual technologies in their large common area, which is part of the Metrohm company’s office space.

This common space is used for corporate events but also for meetings and online conference calls.

These new premises were awarded as Office of the Year 2021.


Cooperation with other professions to guarantee an uncompromising result

MediaTech entered the project at the stage when the premises were in the “rough construction” phase. Entering the project at this stage allowed us to cooperate closely with the architects and project designer, which ultimately guaranteed the desired uncompromising result.

Cooperation with the project designer made it possible to design the correct cabling in advance, which is the alpha-omega and important preparation for the subsequent installation of audiovisual technologies.

Cooperation with architects guaranteed a perfect fusion of audiovisual technologies into the proposed interior design.

Installed audiovisual technologies

An important aspect for the client was the design and delivery of an audiovisual solution that can be easily connected to a PC and its control will be intuitive.

We designed and installed the following technologies:

  • Motorized projection screen
  • Powerful projector
  • Professional motorized video conference camera
  • Complex sound system
  • Connection points
  • Ceiling microphones
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Touch panel

Touch panel for easy control

All supplied technologies are easy to control via a touch control panel with pre-programmed set ups by us.

The technological stand, which is hidden in the furniture set and is not visible to the eye, speaks of the harmony of technology with design.

The user benefit of the installed solution is its simple operation, but at the same time its versatility and flexibility, as both sound and image can be used for presentations as well as for video conferences and conference calls.

MediaTech is here to design the optimal audiovisual solution for you. Therefore, contact us with confidence. Our experts are fully at your disposal.


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