Meeting room in coworking spaces

Audiovisual technologies in workspaces

Our client furnished the new meeting room of the My Hive coworking center in Bratislava. My Hive is a modern first-class office space that provides maximum comfort for working life. They also include top conference spaces and meeting rooms that are fully equipped with audiovisual technologies. During the proposal of AV technologies, we had to take into account the variability of the space.

The concept of the space is designed in such way that entire space is divided by moveable acoustic walls, which divide the space into 3 separate spaces and the spaces are used variably. Depending on the needs of participants, after merging the spaces, the space can be used as one large space for presentations and events, or as 3 separate meeting rooms or as 2 spaces with merged rooms.


Client requirments

Design, deliver and intall AV technologies in meeting rooms in coworking area that are variabl. The spaces are used for videoconferences, as meeting rooms and also like training rooms.


Ceiling Array Microphone

The dominant room is the large meeting room for 16 people, which also contains the most AV technologies. The specific product is the ceiling array microphone by Shure. This suspended ceiling microphone is an ideal choice for video conference rooms, as it captures the voice of the participants in high quality and from the design point of view, there is no need to have any microphone on the table.

An important aspect for a client was the design and delivery of an audiovisual solution that´s control will be intuitive. The installed technologies are easily controlled with one touch via the touch control panel programmed by us. In the other two smaller meeting rooms is applied all-in-one video conference and presentation solution is applied. There is also a wireless image transmission system in every room.

MediaTech is here to design the optimal audiovisual solution for you. Therefore, contact us with confidence. Our experts are fully at your disposal.

Technologies installed

  • PTZ camera
  • Projector
  • Motor projection screen
  • Ceiling array microphone
  • Mobile videoconference and presentation solution
  • Ceiling sound reinforcement
  • Touch panel
  • System for wireless image transmission
  • Handheld microphones
  • Technologies in the rack


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