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Customized solutions

MediaTech has been designing and delivering reliable solutions for audiovisual technologies, videoconferencing systems and digital media for 25 years. We deliver customized solutions and installations for international and domestic customers. With the time of digitalization and the use of online connections, there is an increasing interest in videoconferencing solutions, projection systems, interactive meeting rooms, multifunctional open offices and smart rooms. The result of highly sophisticated know-how and creative approach of architects and designers is the multifunctional modern and spacious room at Roche Slovakia that serves almost for everything. It is a dining room, meeting room, videoconferencing room, smart room and chillzone in one. This multifunctional modern room was included in the prestigious Slovak poll OFFICE OF THE YEAR 2018.

Modern design

The solution of MediaTech for Roche has been designed to fit in with modern design, to be compatible with the furniture and to have a natural and innovative feel. Even nowadays the technologies have their design standard, that´s why the connection points for videoconference, PC and monitors are integrated into the interior of kitchen so you don´t even realise they are there.

Interactivity of the room

Large screen monitors are connected to an audiovisual system, from which you can play corporate content or switch to presentation mode. The room is equipped with an electric screen, Yamaha ceiling speakers, a projector and Audio-Technica microphones. The overall interactivity of the room is also provided by the connection points located in several places on the walls, in the floor, under the tables, as well as by the wireless connections points.

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