Bring all your spaces to life with a touch of quality sound. We provide sound reinforcement and good acoustics to any space – studios, restaurants, bars, hotels, conference halls, auditoriums, cultural houses, churches, stadiums, fitness centers, gyms, family houses, company and office space, and others.

We will design the project in every aspect, ensure its implementation and train the staff for the smooth operation. Each installation and client is unique, as well as its requirements for the complexity of the technical equipment of the space. Check out the most frequently asked products for sound and acoustic solutions.



Well-sounded space is based on loudspeakers meeting the requirements for sound reproduction quality. Care should be taken to select a speaker system that provides sufficient performance for the entire room and delivers clear, distortion-free sound directly to the audience.

We design professional concept, technical solution, parameters and performance of the sound system according to your requirements for spoken word, accompanying music, but also as the main sound system for music events.

acoustic panels

Acoustic panels

Only one thing is more important than the quality of your microphones and speakers.

The acoustics of the room strongly influence the recorded/played sounds. We offer a wide range of acoustic elements to create the perfect sound conditions for your home, home cinema, business space, home or professional recording studio.

Reduces echo and noise, avoids unwanted sound reflections or completely silences the space. All this is achieved by selecting and placing the acoustic cladding correctly.



Whether you need to record studio-quality audio or simply distribute it to a larger number of people, you won’t miss a microphone that captures a signal of sufficient quality.

Depending on your requirements and possibilities, we will design a microphone solution that takes into account the place of use and fulfills its purpose. We offer a wide range of wireless handheld microphones, inconspicuous tie-clip microphones, as well as wall-mounted design devices or throwing microphones that will surely enliven every lecture.

sound masking

Sound masking

Take your workplace to a whole new level with the revolutionary sound masking system.

This unique solution brings you privacy and increases comfort and efficiency at work.

This smart technology softens the uproar in the room and minimizes disturbing audio/communication elements in open spaces. It also disguises voices coming from the meeting room during the meeting. It adds privacy to conversations, increases concentration on work and even the protection of personal or sensitive data.

Sound masking is an ideal solution for places with a larger number of people, such as open spaces, waiting rooms, corridors or other spaces.

touch control

Technology control

Control the sound of your entire space anywhere, with a single device.

The mixer allows you to customize even the smallest nuances of the sound you are playing. Conversely, a sophisticated solution can be the installation of a user-intuitive wall panel, or convenient control of all devices remotely – e.g. via tablet.

Would you like to control the sound in each room separately? The solution is multiroom sound system. With this intelligent system, for example, you can split a large conference room into two smaller, individually functioning units with own sound systems.

Are you interested in this solution? Contact us.


Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, with an emphasis on excellent sound and acoustics, we have designed, delivered and implemented complete technical equipment in smaller, but also larger and more demanding spaces. Have a look at selected references of our projects.

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